We strive to earn and keep your respect

We exist solely to bring to the client's organization individuals who can make a significant impact on the business.

We never accept assignments where encumbrances would limit our ability to recruit from a client's preferred sources.

We maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.

A partner-level consultant personally supervises all phases of the client's search after the initial research process.

We are more than willing to provide our internal list of active clients upon your request.

As the client's representative, we apply sensitivity, discretion, and empathy to create goodwill in the marketplace.

If the search criteria fall short of identifying the best candidate, we offer constructive input.

We never recruit candidates from a client company within one full year of a placement.

When the placement leaves for a reason other than a reduction in force, we apply all fees collected from the original search to the cost of finding replacement candidates. Unless otherwise stated, this guarantee applies to all placements resulting from a retained, comprehensive, and methodical search.

We are committed to client-candidate matches that make good sense for both parties. Experience tells us that these are the only matches that last.

We never disclose confidential information without client authorization. We conduct many of our searches on a strictly confidential basis, until later stages in the process.

We evaluate candidates supplied by the client with the same degree of objectivity, empathy, and professionalism as with external candidates.