Leadership Solutions provides executive search services on behalf of its client companies on a fully retained basis. Clients typically pay one third of the successful candidate's guaranteed cash compensation for the first year of employment. The fee for placement with non-traditional compensation packages, including consultants and those with exclusive incentive-based compensation packages, is based on an agreed-upon annualized compensation figure. We invoice retainers in one-third increments. The first third is due upon execution of the initial agreement, the second third after thirty days, and the final third after another thirty days. Upon completion of the assignment, we issue a final bill to reflect the successful candidate's actual compensation. Completion is defined as the client's offer being accepted by the candidate (internal or external).

Expenses relating to pre-approved meetings with a client or candidate are billed monthly and they are due upon receipt. Billable expenses typically include air travel, mileage at the prevailing IRS rate, lodging and meals. We never bill clients for unreasonably expensive meals, hotels, or first class air travel. Moreover, we do not bill clients for stock options, non-guaranteed performance bonuses, relocation packages or any other element of contingent compensation.