A comprehensive retained search allows the investment of time and resources necessary to access all qualified candidates. A typical talent pool includes about 96% gainfully employed candidates and 4% unemployed candidates. For this reason we believe that the client's best interests are served through a comprehensive, methodical, and retained search. The components of a retained search are summarized below.


We meet with management to gain a complete understanding of the background, qualifications, credentials and personal characteristics of the desired candidate. It is also important for us to completely understand your corporate culture, the career opportunity, and your overall strategy. Meeting with key decision-makers involved in the search process and experiencing your environment add valuable insight and focus to our recruiting efforts. We will also develop three to five specific, measurable, and time constrained first-year performance objectives for the position. These objectives will later become an integral part of our screening process.


Our research process identifies an appropriate number of target companies and prospective candidates. The process typically involves sourcing names from a list of 150+ companies. The parameters for our list come from information gathered during the initial meeting with a client.


We contact all prospective candidates and sources based on the research and the target list. Candidates from our internal database supplement our talent pool. On average it takes three phone calls per target to connect, present the opportunity, and establish a degree of interest. If the prospective candidate expresses no interest in the position, we ask for referrals.


After resumes have been submitted; we conduct in-depth telephone interviews to determine the suitability of each candidate's background, the breadth and depth of their experience, their credentials, and their level of motivation to make a change. We then submit a short-list of 3-5 candidates for the client’s review. The client may then choose to have us proceed with any number of short-listed candidates.


Once the short-list is finalized, we screen for experience and logical execution of Performance-Based Objectives. When a deeper insight is required we apply a Chronological In-Depth Structured (CIDS) interview with questions that assess personal dynamics, appearance, manners, communication style, leadership ability, and other attributes of strategic importance to the client. The CIDS interview was designed to procure the top 10% of talent available for any given job at any given compensation level. We then prepare a comprehensive report on each candidate and submit it to the client for review.


We provide weekly progress reports to keep the client completely informed and updated. The sharing and evaluation of this information allows us to make appropriate and timely adjustments concerning criteria and process.


Leadership Solutions reference checks are far more comprehensive than standard reference checks. Standard reference checks are typically conducted with the intention of extracting only the positive attributes of the candidate. Our reference checks reveal all significant strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, we often uncover caveats which would have otherwise gone undetected.


We are skilled in handling negotiations on the client's behalf. We find it most effective to act as intermediary in negotiations involving cash and non-cash compensation, relocation, start date, and other issues relating to the employment contract. From time to time, a client or candidate asks us to assist in other logistical issues, including real estate, travel, and transition issues related to the job change itself. We handle the offer process in any fashion the client deems appropriate. Most of our clients extend offers through us, while others prefer to extend the formal offer after we reach an agreement in principle between both parties.