We believe in providing maximum value to our clients. We designed our systems to deliver A-Players, not just candidates who simply meet basic qualifications.

We also believe there are important benefits to having more than one qualified candidate to choose from. We aim to provide 3-5 perfectly qualified candidates for every position.

Our primary focus is to identify the best fit in terms of qualifications, compensation, career objectives, and corporate culture. To accomplish this we make every effort to thoroughly understand the opportunity our client is offering, and the goals, motivation, and circumstances of each candidate.

We do not present candidates to a client without having an industry expert or disclipine specialist interview them first.
Serving clients is our top priority. We accomplish this without imposing a minimum fee or rejecting assignments at low levels in the organization.

We aspire to be the best search firm operating within our focus areas. We hold ourselves accountable for the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.

We know that active client relationships encumber some of the best search consultants in the industry. For that reason we limit ourselves to a few clients in a given area and focus on serving their needs in all disciplines.

A partner-level consultant supervises the research process and serves as the final filter before presenting candidates to the client. He or she also conducts reference checks and assists in negotiating the offer.

The most successful relationships between search consultant and client include the following:

Complete understanding of the client's business, the First-year Performance Objectives for the position, and the circumstances that prompted the need for a search

Realistic expectations concerning compensation, responsibilities, relocation, and related issues

Open lines of communication throughout the search process

Timely responses to questions and concerns expressed by candidates

Appropriate consideration for confidentiality and anonymity

Mutual respect between client, candidate, and search consultant