Our Team

Jake Baker

Jake is a veteran of executive retained search. His personal practice is centered on

recruiting and evaluating senior executives in the food-manufacturing sector. Prior to

founding Leadership Solutions, Jake served as Chief Operating Officer for a top 100 search firm, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Silverado Foods, Director of

Marketing for Wilson Continental Deli, and National Sales Manager for Heinz USA. He

is a graduate of Chapman University and holds a degree in Business Administration.

Carolyn Borger

Carolyn brings over 20 years of experience in human resources, recruiting and training. The combination of her disarming personality and methodical process make her an effective tool for identifying and qualifying potential candidates.

Linda Sloan

Linda is also a seasoned search professional with over eight years in the business. She

joined our team in 2001 after developing a successful search practice with high-level

banking and finance executives at Fortune 500 companies. Her earlier work experience

at Metz Baking provides baking industry insight and the ability to relate as a peer to

executives in finance and accounting.

Jason Baker

After several years experience in research Jason now conducts searches for

food-manufacturing and other consumer packaged goods companies at the middle

and senior management level.